Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer!

Hello class, and welcome to Cheesy Cinema 101. If you are looking for Cinema Snob 101, then you are in the wrong place! THAT class is down the hall. Good luck and get out!
Today we will be talking about "Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer," a film by Richard Taylor and Zack Beins. Before we begin, I present to you the films trailer -- provided by the fine folks at "Bizjack Flemco Productions."

Kristy, the lights!

*16MM Projector begins*

Before diving into a low-budget horror-comedy one is always concerned if the film will be any good. Some are so bad they're annoying, while others are so bad they're good. Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer definitely falls in the latter. The acting is atrocious-on-purpose, with cheesy, hilarious, one-liners, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor. It also pays homage to films like Street Trash, Dead Alive, EVERY Troma film EVER made, and even a nod to "Killer Klowns From Outer space" through the opening theme. It's very "Troma-Esque," and even features a cameo by Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman, as the deceased "Grampa Abacrombie!"

There's something in this film for everyone, really, and by "Everyone," I mean everyone that isn't a prude. If you're into Graveyard Cunnilingus? Covered! Masturbation with a lubed-up bowling pin? Covered! Graphic Pregnant Zombie-Birth? Covered! The devouring of a shit, (I mean "Fecal Matter"), squirting intestine? YES, YOU'RE IN LUCK! And that's only the tip of the hotdog penis, (You'll get that reference when you see the film)!

Gore-hounds, your eyes will light up with excitement! As this film features gore-galore, and more blood than a queen-size foam mattress could soak-up! My personal favorite was a scene where a mans head opened up, like a Pez dispenser, to expose his brain! And if that's not enough, you greedy little bastards, it also features Babette Bombshell, The Plus-Size Goddess of Gore, as well as Shawn C Phillips!

Currently "Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer" is still seeking the perfect distribution company, so I'm sorry if you've got the Cinema Blue-balls from reading this review, as you will have to wait a bit longer for it's eventual release. But, trust me, you'll be glad ya did. Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer is a fun film that doesn't take itself too seriously, making it a "Fun, so bad-it's-good cheese-fest!"

And that's all for today, class, and remember "Just because Spielberg didn't make it, doesn't mean it's shit."

Own A Piece Of The Monroeville Mall!

Every horror fan recalls the iconic "Monroeville Mall" from George Romero's 1978 film "Dawn Of The Dead." Fans from everywhere have been lucky enough to visit the very place the movie was filmed. It's been on my list of things to do but, sadly, I've never gotten the chance. So you can imagine how stoked I was to discover that the Monroeville Zombies Museum, (Located in the Monroeville Mall up until April 27 2013), was offering the chance for horror fans to own an authentic piece of the Monroeville Mall. The 'artifacts' are offered at the affordable price of $19.99 per piece, with the exception of the exterior brick which carries a price tag of $59.99, which is totally within every collectors budget. They all come polybagged and include a Certificate Of Authenticity from the museums curator, Kevin A Kriess.

The artifacts available for purchase are as follows:

-Brick Fragment from the JC Penney store used in the film

-A piece of cable from the Elevator used in the film (Most memorable during the scene where Flyboy is revealed to be a Zombie.)

-A piece of the JC Penney escalator used in the film

- A Marble fragment from a slab of the original marble seen in the film (That was damaged during renovation)

- A piece of exterior wall of Penny's.

You can purchase your own piece of horror history from the Monroeville Zombies Museum Site, HERE. Or from their eBay store, HERE.

You can also visit their Facebook page HERE.
They also have an IndieGogo page to help fund the newly relocated zombie museum, you can visit that HERE.

I have include some photo's, as well as the info given, below.

From the ebay page: Over the years, the mall has had several remodels that have changed its look, but the one constant that has not ever changed to date, is the vintage French Marble columns and wall segments that separate the stores. These marble walls are seen in every interior shot in "Dawn of the Dead". It is very rare that one of the marble slabs are decommisioned, as they are not replaceable as the marble cuts and patterns cannot ever be matched, so they are all reserved and salvaged for reuse during every remodel. Monroeville Zombies have acquired only one segment of this rare marble that was in use in the mall during a remodel that resulted in a broken slab. Smaller pieces of this broken slab have been salvaged as collectible artifacts. Included here is a fragment of this marble slab.

JC Penney's served as the main film location in the mall. The building has recently been torn down to build a movie theater in its space. The building's exterior is made of unique bricks as can be seen in the screenshot from the film. The bricks are made of shiny stone pieces embedded in the brick material. This is not easy to see in the building from any distance, but up close the tiny stones are very visable. Included in this lot is one package of brick fragments that include the unique shiny stones. The fragments came directly from this exterior wall right after the building was demolished. The brick fragments are packaged in a poly bag with header card by Monroeville Zombies. The back of the card features a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by the museum curator of Monroeville Zombies, the Zombie Museum in the Monroeville Mall.

The JC Penney's Escalator, perhaps the world's most recognized escalator, made famous for its use in the 1978 film, "Dawn of the Dead." Now decommisioned and the whole Penney's store being demolished, this movie icon is no longer. Portions of the escalator have been purchased by Monroeville Zombies to create a tribute exhibit in the museum. Additional pieces of the escalator have been salvaged as collectible artifacts. Included in this sale here is a metal piece bottom of sides of the steps that runs right next to the moving stairs. Included also is an original machine screw that held the metal to the base. There is a photo taken showing the pieces being removed from the escalator. The piece comes in a collectible package with header card that includes a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by the museum curator. Metal piece is approximately 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. polybagged packaging with header card, by Monroeville Zombies, 2012.

And finally, the climatic scene in the film takes place in the JC Penney Elevator when the doors open to reveal Flyboy Zombie! Monroeville Zombies purchased and removed the actual elevator doors from JC Penney (shown in picture) for a future exhibit in the zombie museum. The doors are opened by a series of pulleys and cables. Included here is a 6 inch piece of the actual original door opening cable used to open the doors in that scene and every day in the elevator use. You can see the cable attached to doors in photo above.

A big THANK YOU goes out to the Monroeville Zombies Museum for giving the horror fans the chance to own a piece of horror history.

OUT THERE (2012)

An injured man (Robert), awakens in the middle of the woods with no recollection of what’s happened or how he got there. He soon begins to experience a series of flashbacks; These flashbacks will reveal to him the events that have brought him to this point, as well as the revelation of a selfish decision he has made; A decision that will quite literally come back to bite him.

Had zombies not appeared in the films trailer, I really would not have went into this film thinking it to be a post-apocalyptic zombie film. Throughout the beginning of the film the viewer is given hints that something is wrong, but there is no mention of zombies; As the characters are still unsure of what is going on, putting the viewer on the same page as the characters.

The film is not jam-packed with plot,
as we are experiencing the film through the main character‘s (Robert) flashbacks. Robert remembers very little, so we are given very little storyline. We find out that Robert was in a loving relationship with a woman (Emma), and that Emma discovers that she is pregnant. Even though Robert appears thrilled with the news, you can tell that he’s a bit upset, and is not quite ready to become a Father. His attitude towards Emma appears to then change. Whether this is actually based upon the fact that he is disappointed by the pregnancy, or is just stressed and confused about what is going on around them, is unclear.

The flashbacks reveal to us that, because the phone lines are down, Robert & Emma had decided to drive to Emma’s parents place, and the events that occurred during this trip are what have brought Robert to this point.

In conclusion, as far as short films go, the film wasn’t too bad. It kept my interest and had an ending that, even though it was predictable, was a decent one.

Thanks so much to Randall Plunkett, for the opportunity to review this film.

SFS Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars.

Directed, Produced, Written, and Edited by Randall Plunkett.
15 Minutes
Emma Eliza Regan Conor Marren Cian Lavelle-Walsh