Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer!

Hello class, and welcome to Cheesy Cinema 101. If you are looking for Cinema Snob 101, then you are in the wrong place! THAT class is down the hall. Good luck and get out!
Today we will be talking about "Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer," a film by Richard Taylor and Zack Beins. Before we begin, I present to you the films trailer -- provided by the fine folks at "Bizjack Flemco Productions."

Kristy, the lights!

*16MM Projector begins*

Before diving into a low-budget horror-comedy one is always concerned if the film will be any good. Some are so bad they're annoying, while others are so bad they're good. Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer definitely falls in the latter. The acting is atrocious-on-purpose, with cheesy, hilarious, one-liners, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor. It also pays homage to films like Street Trash, Dead Alive, EVERY Troma film EVER made, and even a nod to "Killer Klowns From Outer space" through the opening theme. It's very "Troma-Esque," and even features a cameo by Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman, as the deceased "Grampa Abacrombie!"

There's something in this film for everyone, really, and by "Everyone," I mean everyone that isn't a prude. If you're into Graveyard Cunnilingus? Covered! Masturbation with a lubed-up bowling pin? Covered! Graphic Pregnant Zombie-Birth? Covered! The devouring of a shit, (I mean "Fecal Matter"), squirting intestine? YES, YOU'RE IN LUCK! And that's only the tip of the hotdog penis, (You'll get that reference when you see the film)!

Gore-hounds, your eyes will light up with excitement! As this film features gore-galore, and more blood than a queen-size foam mattress could soak-up! My personal favorite was a scene where a mans head opened up, like a Pez dispenser, to expose his brain! And if that's not enough, you greedy little bastards, it also features Babette Bombshell, The Plus-Size Goddess of Gore, as well as Shawn C Phillips!

Currently "Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer" is still seeking the perfect distribution company, so I'm sorry if you've got the Cinema Blue-balls from reading this review, as you will have to wait a bit longer for it's eventual release. But, trust me, you'll be glad ya did. Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer is a fun film that doesn't take itself too seriously, making it a "Fun, so bad-it's-good cheese-fest!"

And that's all for today, class, and remember "Just because Spielberg didn't make it, doesn't mean it's shit."


  1. I assume this one will be up for an Oscar next year. Seriously, this one sounds like a must-see.

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