The Taint (2010): Review

A male enhancement drug, called “Cockzantium” is released into the water supply, turning the male population into hormonally-crazed misogynistic killers. Sporting huge “Spooge-loaded” cocks, men everywhere go on a killing spree in which they kill-off the female population, while getting-off in the process. Characters Phil and Misandra find themselves in an all-out cock war as they battle the crazed copulation population in this horror-comedy by directors Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson.

This film had me laughing so hard that my sides were hurting. First off, this film is bad, but it’s bad the way the Kaufman/Troma and John Waters films are bad. You have characters sporting wigs so bad that even thrift stores would throw them out; more male phalluses than a dozen gay porn films; more spooge than a sperm bank, and more blood than the Red Cross. You rarely see penises in horror-flicks, especially dozens of them spurting gallons of semen, (Hahahahahaha!), so this film is definitely something different.

For a low-budget film, the special effects in this were quite impressive. There are many head smashing, gunshot, and castration scenes that just looked disgustingly perfect. There’s loads of gore for the gorehounds, female nudity for the guys, comedy for the comedy hounds, and cocks and spunk galore! Something for almost everyone!

If you are easily offended and don’t like bad (on-purpose), cinema then you will absolutely detest this film. But if you’re like me and you sometimes like movies that don‘t take themselves seriously, like the works of Kaufman or Waters, then you should find this film right up your alley and should definitely give it a viewing. It’s as good as a bad film can be!

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The Taint (Movie Trailer):


  1. Well now that looks disgusting, offensive, and like my brain would rot just by viewing the whole film.

    Can't wait to see it eventually. Thanks for your take on it.

  2. well, If I can stand Black Devil Doll, how bad can this one be?