Slasher Film Sanctuary makes an appearance in New Return Of The Living Dead book!

“The Complete History Of The Return Of The Living Dead” has finally had a US release (January 18, 2011). Over the past year or so I have helped promote the book with my little ‘dog n pony’ site, as well as interviewed Co-Author Gary Smart. You can read everything I’ve posted on the book by clicking HERE. Upon sending him two ROTLD scripts he told me that I would get a thank you in the book, which blew me away in the most nerdy of ways. Later on I was offered the opportunity to submit my thoughts on The “Return Of The Living Dead” films, which was actually published in the book.! I wish I had filmed my reaction as I was flipping through the book, only to discover my name, and site, on page 276.

Yes I know, to some of you this is nothing, but to me this means so much to be included in a book that will become a bible for ‘Return of the Living Dead’ fans. Being a huge fan of the ‘Return of the Living Dead’ films this is an absolute kick-ass experience.

A HUGE THANKYOU to Christian Sellers and Gary Smart for making this amazing book and including me.

The book can be purchased at Amazon.Com (Something tells me that I’ll be picking up a few more copies! ;P)