Book: The Complete History of Return of the Living Dead

From time to time I discover a book that I must own; a book that will fit perfectly into my collection. Not just any paperback book from the grocery store shelf, but one that is dedicated to the genre I love most...horror. The last two books to grace my collection were Crystal Lake Memories, and The Trick 'R Treat film book. I recently read that one of my favorite films will be getting a book release of it's own, and that will be none other than "Return Of The Living Dead." The book will be entitled "The Complete History of Return of the Living Dead," by Authors: Christian Sellers & Gary Smart, and will include many rare promotional photos, posters, and interviews from various people involved with the franchise.

Apparently, there has been some conflict with MGM about the rights to use promotional materials from the second film of the franchise. An online petition, which can be found HERE, has been created to persuade them to allow the authors the right to use the materials they need to make the book the best they can for the fans of the franchise. I signed the petition without hesitation and strongly suggest that any fan of the franchise do the same.

The "Return of The Living Dead's 25th Anniversary" is not so far away and I'm anxiously awaiting, not only the release of this book, but the hopeful release of the film on "Blu-Ray" as well. I have not read of a Blu-Ray release as of yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my hope strong; I hope both get the proper release that they deserve, as the franchise has a huge and loyal fan base.

What's sad is that the creator "Dan O'Bannon" will not be around to see the 25th Anniversary. However, what he did get to see in his life was the effect his work had on the fans, and his works will continue to entertain for countless years to come.

So if you are a fan of the Return Of The Living Dead franchise, keep this book on your radar, I know I will.

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  1. Very nice, I hadnt heard of this one so on the wishlist it goes!