OUT THERE (2012)

An injured man (Robert), awakens in the middle of the woods with no recollection of what’s happened or how he got there. He soon begins to experience a series of flashbacks; These flashbacks will reveal to him the events that have brought him to this point, as well as the revelation of a selfish decision he has made; A decision that will quite literally come back to bite him.

Had zombies not appeared in the films trailer, I really would not have went into this film thinking it to be a post-apocalyptic zombie film. Throughout the beginning of the film the viewer is given hints that something is wrong, but there is no mention of zombies; As the characters are still unsure of what is going on, putting the viewer on the same page as the characters.

The film is not jam-packed with plot,
as we are experiencing the film through the main character‘s (Robert) flashbacks. Robert remembers very little, so we are given very little storyline. We find out that Robert was in a loving relationship with a woman (Emma), and that Emma discovers that she is pregnant. Even though Robert appears thrilled with the news, you can tell that he’s a bit upset, and is not quite ready to become a Father. His attitude towards Emma appears to then change. Whether this is actually based upon the fact that he is disappointed by the pregnancy, or is just stressed and confused about what is going on around them, is unclear.

The flashbacks reveal to us that, because the phone lines are down, Robert & Emma had decided to drive to Emma’s parents place, and the events that occurred during this trip are what have brought Robert to this point.

In conclusion, as far as short films go, the film wasn’t too bad. It kept my interest and had an ending that, even though it was predictable, was a decent one.

Thanks so much to Randall Plunkett, for the opportunity to review this film.

SFS Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars.

Directed, Produced, Written, and Edited by Randall Plunkett.
15 Minutes
Emma Eliza Regan Conor Marren Cian Lavelle-Walsh


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