Night Of The Living Dead - Twilight Time Blu Ray Review!

Night Of The Living Dead (1990) sure does bring back a lot of memories for me. It was this very film that firmly implanted my love of horror. This was also the first film that I was allowed to stay up past my 8PM bedtime to see. (Awwww) This mark on the timeline of my life, turned me into the horror-loving night-owl that I am today.

When I learned that ‘Twilight Time’ were planning a limited Blu Ray release of this film, I knew I HAD to own it! Being the proud owner of two other TT titles, I knew they would use an amazing print, as they have a reputation for obtaining the best available prints for their releases. I’m proud to say that they did just that....kinda. The print is amazing, with its clean picture and beautiful film grain. HOWEVER, If you compare it to the 1999 DVD print, you will notice that there are some differences. Yes, the Print used for the Blu Ray release is cleaner than that used for the DVD. You no longer see all the dirt, and film-gunk. But the print is also significantly darker, and the color is all wrong. This really isn’t a huge deal for me. I mean I'm not going to lose sleep over it. But it would have been nice had the color been corrected to the way it was presented on the DVD.
I’ve included two comparison stills below, as well as some other BR stills that give you an idea of the quality of the BR.

In conclusion, I am glad that I get to add the Blu Ray of this film to my collection. Even with the darker picture and oh-so-wrong color. It is absolutely one of my favorite films. A "Thank You" goes out to the people at Twilight Time / Screen Archives Entertainment for giving us this film in Blu Ray format. They may not have gotten it right this time, but they DID try. I know a lot of people are angry about this release, and it's completely understandable. I don't know if anything will be done to correct this issue, But hopefully their future releases do not disappoint as this one apparently has.

UPDATE (10/2/12):

Twilight Time had this to say on their Facebook page:
As promised, we have discussed NOTLD at the studio and are able to verify via SPE's Mastering Department, that our Blu-ray is indeed the approved transfer from 2010, generated for the film's 20th anniversary, and done in consultation with the film's director of photography. As you will have also seen on this page and elsewhere on the internet, director Tom Savini has now had a chance to view the end product and declared it "fantastic." As we are aware that some fans of the film will remain disappointed, our offer of a full refund still stands if you wish to return your copy. However, we would caution you with this thought: this is a limited edition run of 3,000 copies, and the title is sold out. Right or wrong, it is a collector's item, and there are no guarantees this title will ever be repressed. Going forward, if TT encounters another situation where the new transfer differs greatly from the old, we will bring that to collectors' attention prior to the disc being offered so that you may know of the changes beforehand. Thanks for all your support. Best, Nick Redman and Brian Jamieson.
So that pretty much puts all this to rest. I still wish they had chosen to go with the look of the DVD picture, but like I've stated I WILL still keep this in my collection and not lose any sleep over it.


  1. What a shitty review. You're basically an apologist for Twilight Time. At least they tried? What are they a kindegartener who tried to spell a word and failed? People aren't paying $35 for FAILED attempts at a Blu-ray release.

  2. ..and you’re another asshole complaining about something that was obviously a mistake. My point is at least they, when no other company WOULD, tried to give us a Blu Ray release of a film that deserves to be on Blu Ray. Every other title that I’ve purchased from Twilight Time has had a beautiful picture and, to me, was worth the price. Even without having 12 discs of ‘Special Features,’ including an interview featurette with everyone involved reliving everything they ate from Craft Services during production. Oh, and for the unbelievable price of $1.99 with free shipping and a hand job! Did they make a mistake by not properly examining the print? Yes! Maybe in the future they will be more cautious about their releases BEFORE they are released. But even before this fiasco they had haters. Assholes that would complain no.matter.what. Shitty review? Your comment was what was shitty.

  3. Hey ssjmichael26,

    Who the fuck do you think you are? You don't like the DVD, return it, you fucking jack ass.

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