Party Girl (2009)

After being viciously raped, a woman (Known only as Party Girl) begins a murderous rampage against the men of Dallas Texas. They say "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and Party Girl definitely depicts the validity of that quote.

As the film opens we see an attractive young woman being served a drink that has been dosed with a mysterious white substance. This renders her lethargic and gives her tormenter the opportunity to lure her back to a seedy motel room and viciously rape her. This scene is imperative to the films plot, as this is the act that drives ‘Party Girl’ over the edge, sending her on a murderous rampage with a vendetta against every man in Texas.

Party Girl definitely doesn’t hold back
when it comes to murdering her victims. She kills with a Jason Voorhees style machete, the facial removal tactic of Leather face, and with a cunning vengeance similar to Jennifer Hills of ‘I Spit on your grave.’ Her various kills are bloody and brutal, and range from stabbings, to castration, amputation, and full-on facial removal.

At first I was under the assumption that Party Girl would be just like the character of Jennifer Hills (I Spit On Your Grave), but she isn‘t killing for the sake of revenge, she is targeting innocent men that remind her of, or portray similar qualities of, her tormenter. Essentially she’s just a really pissed-off woman that’s had her mental state pushed way too far. Her kills are planned and patient. She kills without conscience or guilt, and then moves on to her next location and targets her next victims.

This film was written by author Dustin LaValley and directed by Jayson Densman. I think everyone involved did a great job. The scenes are well shot, and it has gory, fun, special effects. All in all, I enjoyed it.

Just like any film it isn’t going to be for everyone but it’s made available for viewing on Youtube, so it won’t cost you a dime. Plus it runs just over 16 minutes long, so you should definitely give it a viewing.


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