Victim (2010): Review

What lengths would you go to get the ultimate revenge? That’s the question a brilliant surgeon is left with after his beautiful, young, daughter is brutally assaulted. The brilliant Doctor vows to give the ultimate punishment to his daughters attacker. Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.

After watching the trailer for this film I knew that it would put my nerves on edge. The storyline appeared to be brilliant, and totally unlike anything I had ever seen.

Unlike “The Human Centipede” there is an actual motive for the Doctors morbid plan, and it isn’t just to satisfy his morbid need to experiment. No, the Doctor in this film wants to give back what has been given; to return the hellish anguish, inflicted on his daughter, back to the attacker. But in order to do this he must first find a way to make sure his daughters attacker relives his daughters hellish moments and he does that by kidnapping his daughters attacker and turning him into his daughter!

Any male watching this film will more than likely feel uncomfortable. After all, you are watching an attractive, masculine man, slowly de-masculinized outside and in. When I say the character is “De-masculinized outside and in” I mean that in every way. The character is stripped of his male genitalia, and body hair. He is given breasts, forced to dress and appear like a woman.

In reality the dominate male character is actually quite the coward, that’s why his victims are women instead of men. He constantly has to prove, not only to those around him, but to himself as well that he’s an “alpha-male,” and he does so through his violent acts on women. The brilliant Doctors only plan is to bring the inner-weakling to the surface and THEN turn the tables on him, making him know what’s its like to be in his daughters shoes.

The surgeries aren’t overly graphic. I can only imagine how graphic Eli Roth would’ve made this film, lol. Regardless, the film carries out what it sets out to do even without all the graphic gore that could’ve been added.

Actor “Stephen Weigand” did a phenomenal job with the character transition. Not only does he look feminine after the surgery scenes, but he even sounds it. I don’t know if that was done naturally or if his voice was digitally manipulated but it worked.

At first I wasn’t really impressed with the ending, but after thinking about it I started to understand it more. It could’ve ended so many different ways, but this way leaves you to form your own theory as to what happens next. Had I written the ending I would’ve written it differently, but I somewhat understood why it ended the way it did.

In conclusion, I won’t say that this film a five/five star film but its pretty good and I’m glad I got to see it. Hopefully it will be released on DVD soon. It was previously released “On Demand” so I’m hoping the DVD/Blu Ray release isn’t too far away. It’s definitely something different.

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  1. It's similar to the recent film with Antonio Banderas called "The Skin I Live In."

  2. Yes, the two films are almost identical in plot.

    Of course where 'The Skin I Live In' used a female actor after all the surgical procedures, Victim used the male actor.

    Both were great films.

  3. When can I get VICTIM on DVD and What DVD REGION!
    I need REGION 1 in DVD!

  4. No idea. Region 1 DVD's of this title seem to be quite rare now.