Night Of The Demons (2009): Blu Ray Review

Angela Feld (Shannon Elizabeth) is throwing a hellish Halloween party at the infamous Broussard Mansion. The night is all going to plan, until the cops suddenly break up the party. The place is cleared out, all except Angela and a few of her friends. With the gate locked and no way out, they have no choice but to spend the night. However, their night is just beginning. Soon they will discover just what makes Broussard Mansion’s past so dark, as they fight off a group of blood-thirsty demons, hell-bent on taking their souls, turning the world into one big demonic playground for all eternity.

With remakes you never know
what to expect. Almost all remakes are ‘modern re-tellings’ of the original story. A modern re-telling is exactly what you get with the 2009 remake of Night Of The Demons. The location has been changed, from Hullhouse to Broussard Mansion. There is a more in-depth back-story, explaining the dark history of Broussard Mansion. Instead of just hearing the story told, like in the original, we get to actually see it through a flashback of sorts, in the form of an aging piece of film. The characters are more wild, daring, and sexually charged. Yes, the remake of Night Of The Demons has been given much more than a stereotypical face-life, it has been completely reborn.

Shannon Elizabeth has given the character of Angela a more wild, slutty, side. She’s still the weird goth girl, wearing tons of black, only now her level of sexual energy is through the mutha f‘in roof! She isn’t afraid to take anyone’s man, or woman, that tickles her sex kitten. When I heard that Nadia from American Pie would be the new Angela I couldn’t wrap my mind around that, but I have to say she surprised the hell out of me and did a wonderful job bringing a new, fresh, personality to Angela.

The demons are more intense
in this film, with more dramatic makeup, sexual energy, and cleverness. Whatever the demons did in the original, you can expect them to do something bigger and more creative in the remake. True, there is no biting off of tongues, burning hands, and gouging of eyes, but there is demonic anal sex, and kick-ass titty/face ripping demons! The lipstick in tit scene even makes it’s way into the remake, with a modern disgusting twist that would’ve never been allowed in 1988.

Linnea Quigley even makes a cameo, dressed in her 1988 getup, as well as kick-ass and take names scream-queen Tiffany Shepis. You have girls kissing girls for the men and lesbians, and even a guy on guy kiss for the ladies and gays. This film is packed with demonic Halloween goodness.

The blu-ray picture quality and sound is amazing. With sharp picture and sound that couldn’t get any better in my opinion. Just check out the full 1080 captures to get what I mean.

Yes the remake is extremely different than the original, and isn't 100% perfect, but I absolutely loved it and am now a fan of both it and the original, which is rare for me. I hope everyone enjoys this film as much as I did, because I had zero hope of liking it and I was really surprised at how great I thought it was.

4.5 out of 5 stars!

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  1. you had me at demonic anal sex ;)...actually this sounds like a decent remake (since I was not to fond of the original).