Nightmare Beach (1988)

Motorcycle gang leader, Diablo, has been given the death penalty for the murder of a young woman. Before he is executed, by means of the electric chair, he maintains that he is innocent and has been framed. He vows that he will return and exact his revenge. Soon Spring Break rolls around and everyone heads to the beach to enjoy some fun in the sun, but that fun is cut short for some, as a mysterious biker begins a murderous rampage.

As far as slasher-films go, “Nightmare Beach” isn’t too shabby. It isn’t the best film of the genre nor is it the worse. Unlike many other slasher-films the storyline branched, much like daytime television. It didn’t focus only on the killer, showing dozens of kill scenes. There are stories of: A young pickpocket, a peeping-tom desk clerk, a young prostitute, a sinfully wild daughter of a priest, a wild -n- horny best friend, a motorcycle gang of hell-bent misfits, a blooming relationship, as well as a mysterious motorcycle murderer. Something for everyone, lol.

John Saxon plays an arrogant, dirty, cop, willing to do whatever it takes, legal or not, to catch the perp and solve the case. I found myself wondering if John Saxon has ever played anything ‘other’ than a cop? Because he’s played a cop in every film I have ever seen him in.

The kill scenes mainly revolve around “electrocution.” The mysterious motorcycle murderer has his bike rigged with a bitch seat of death, with the ability to electrocute anyone sitting in it with the push of a button. This contributes to a elaborate death scene where a girl is electrocuted to the point where her entire head catches fire!

Of course what would a slasher-film be without a blossoming romance? Which is obviously happening between Skip (Nicolas De Toth) and Gail (Sarah Buxton). Together they try to discover the identity of the killer and the whereabouts of Skips best friend. In the process they find themselves the targets of the “Murder cyclist.”

All in all this film wasn’t too bad, it kept my interest and was entertaining. It had the potential to be a five star film in my book. Had the storyline focused more on the killer and less on a pickpocket, that may have been the case.

RATING: 4 out of 5 stars!


  1. Saxon is king. this has been on my list for a while, definitely gonna check it out soon after reading this.

  2. Electric motorcycles, eh? Id give it a go! SAXON!

  3. If John Saxon's in it it's definitely worth watching – sooooooo sexy :)