He Knows You’re Alone (1980)

After being rejected by his dream-bride, a mans fragile mental state breaks, turning him into a serial killer with a passion for killing young brides-to-be. Amy, a bride-to-be is worried that her soon-to-be marriage will be a mistake, but she will discover that nothing is scarier than the horror that awaits, as she soon becomes the latest target of the bride-to-be killer.

This film is a 80’s classic, with the classic “cat & mouse” theme that made so many 80’s slasher flicks so great! This type of film has been done in every way possible - where a killer selects a young woman as his latest target and sets out to kill her and anyone else that happens to get in his way.

Tom Hanks has a short role in this film, and if one would’ve predicted his future solely by this role alone, one wouldn’t have predicted that he would’ve later become such a huge success. Hanks’ role in this film is a very small one and doesn’t really do much for the film. However, I did like his characters “Psych-analysis” as to why people like to watch horror movies, as it explains so much and really gives his character a real reason to be there.

As far as the overall film is concerned, I thought, for an 80’s film, it was really good. There isn’t a huge amount of gore and the killer stabs every one he kills, so there isn’t a creative assortment of kill-methods in this film. One particular scene had me laughing-out-loud, and that scene was a “Bedroom kill scene.” When the killer is stabbing his victim, he makes the most ridiculous face I have ever seen. He looks more like a car just ran over his big-toe than a killer in the act of murder.

The ending was to my liking, and leaves you with that “Here we go again” feeling, which can ruin some films, but I preferred this ending over the “Oh honey hold me, the nightmare is finally over, so pull the camera back and roll credits” ending.

In conclusion, If you like 80’s slasher films, like “The Prowler,” then this film may be up your alley, so I recommend you give it a looksee. I really liked it.

RATING: 4 out of 5 stars!


  1. When I first saw this film, back in the day, I remember thinking to myself, "Who is that cute guy with the curly hair?" If only we knew!

    Sadly, I don't recall much more of it.

  2. Love this film. Love it til death!
    Nice review though! It's good to know somebody else can thumbs up this film!