The Final (2010)

A group of social outcasts endure cruel-hearted bullying by their fellow classmates on a daily basis. They have their personal property destroyed, and are verbally harassed, making everyday of their lives a living hell. Having to endure this daily, eventually sends the outcasts over the edge, causing them to develop the ultimate plan for revenge! After luring their rival classmates to an “Invite-only” party, they drug, bound, and torture them in the most disturbing, sadistic ways they could come up with. This will truly be a night that will last forever in the lives, and nightmares, of the students forever.

I can absolutely relate to what these socially outcast students went through, as I too went through the same childish bullshit as they. However, I was not born with the psycho gene, apparently, as I never even came close to wanting to do anything harmful to the “Bitchettes & Jackass-Jocks” that were once my classmates. I could feel the pain rushing back in the form of flashbacks as I watched this film, only today those types of childish acts of cruelty would have absolutely NO effect on me, as they made me strong, sassy, loving, and bitchy, lol, so I’m actually thankful that I went through it all. It helped make me the person I am today.

You have several different methods of torture in this film. Some of the “Babe-like slut-snobs” are disfigured with an acidic compound, while others are tortured in various other ways. These outcasts have learned all of the strengths of the popular crowd, and invented various ways to destroy those strengths without actually killing them, leaving them with constant memory to haunt them for a lifetime.

I assumed the acting would be really bad, but it is anything but, it was actually believable. Sure, the preppy girls are really annoying in the beginning, but that was extremely realistic to their characters. The beginning drags on a little, originally making me wish they would just get to the plot peak already, but without the beginning story, we would really have no idea as to what they were going through. The ending holds a powerful message, one that we all already know deep within our hearts, ending the film in a believable and acceptable way. Overall I really liked this film, it won me over, partly because I related to what the outcasts went through, and partly because I liked the silver-lining the film possessed....I just hope this film doesn't give any socially outcasted youngsters any foolish ideas!

RATING: 4 out of 5 stars!


  1. Im very interested in seeing this one, though it does tread on that scary line where it can easily draw unwanted criticisms back on the genre. But is it art imitating life, or life imitating art?

  2. Great review! I'm putting this one on my wishlist – I would have loved to have done something like that in school :)

  3. Its indeed a clever film! Its amazing how a murderless-slasher film would be just as effective! (murderless in the sense our killer don't kill...)