SHARE-A-SCARE (Vol. 002)

Welcome to the second installment of "Share-A-Scare," the horror version of "Show & Tell," where I post my favorite horror collectibles. I invite you to post yours as well. I’d LOVE to hear what horror collectibles you cherish (Or want) most!

"Demons - Mask Replica"

My first item is a replica of the mask from Dario Argentos "Demons." Of course this wasn't made from the actual mask used in the film, it was sculpted by an artist, so it's a tad different from the actual one used in the film.

"Twilight - James (Cam Gigandet) Pieceworks Card"

My second item I decicate to Pax Romano From "Billylovesstue." It's a Pieceworks card, with an authentic piece of the costume worn by Cam Gigandet in the film "Twilight." These were randomly placed in packs of Twilight Trading cards, are very rare, and have become a highly sought after collectible by Twilight Fans. Go ahead Pax, take a big sniff! Smell that essence of White-trash vampire? ;P


  1. I came so close to buying one of those Demons masks from Sergio Stilvaletti at the convention this last year, wanted more money than I spend in a year on DVDs though. It really is an awesome piece!

  2. So do I have to come over there and beat you up, or will you willingly give up that Cam Gigandet memento?

  3. @ Carl: Wow Carl, they must have been priced really high there. Regardless, you can get them on ebay, thats where I bought mine. They range in price, sometimes you can find them a little cheaper than others. I really do wish they would release a DVD box set, with an exact replica of the mask, like they did in Japan.

    @ Pax: Bring it Pax, bring it! (Starts slapping like Richard Simmons, over the last handmade doll at a doll convention.) ;P