SHARE-A-SCARE (Vol. 001)

I’ve decided to start a new feature, called “Share-A-Scare.” Think of it as the horror version of “Show & Tell,” where I post some of my favorite items to grace my horror collection. I invite you to post yours as well. I’d LOVE to hear what horror collectibles you cherish (Or want) most!

“Return Of The Living Dead - Picture Disc LP”

Zombies lurk about on the front side of the LP, while a topless Trash (Linnea Quigley) graces the other side. I never thought I’d see my pale face cover her nipples, lol!. I absolutely LOVE this thing, it is one of my most favorite collectibles! They are really rare and usually have a price tag that will: shock you, give you a heart attack, annoy you, or make you laugh. They should release a new version of this on LP, like they did for Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the Twilight Soundtracks, since ROTLD will be having an anniversary this year! They should celebrate with a BANG! I wish I was a big and power Hollywood dude, I’d snap my fingers, do some yelling and get it done! :D

“Sleepaway Camp’s: Felissa Rose - Autographed 8x10”

Meet you at the water front after the social? Okay, should I bring sandwiches? What…what are you doing with that knife?! Love me some Sleepaway Camp, the first one is the only real one I like. The others were okay too, but I loved Felissa Rose as Angela.

“Night Of The Comet - Soundtrack LP”

Yes, Night Of The Comet, the movie that I love so much. This is something else that needs to be released, as it is highly sought after. It was released on LP and Cassette only, and really needs a CD release. I bought this via eBay years ago. It is still factory sealed. I have a digital copy I downloaded, so I never had the need to open it and transfer it to mp3.

That's it for now. More will come in the future. Feel free to tell me what horror items you cherish (Or Want) most in the comment box, add a photo if you can. Until next time.


  1. What a great idea! Hmmn, mine might be the original Psycho soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann.

  2. Very nice, I have never seen a picture LP like that, that is certainly an awesome addition to the collection on top of the other great items!!

  3. Picture LP's make the perfect collectible, and oddly enough they still make them.

  4. Night of the Comet is my favorite also...