Dead Air: Review

Dealing with the craziness of today’s world is something that a controversial radio-show host and his staff are very familiar with. Every night they are bombarded by callers with crazy stories with no real merit to them. Tales of aliens, government conspiracies, and overall paranoia run rampid over the airwaves. But when a group of terrorists launch a bio-attack on the LA area, turning everyone on the streets into violent, flesh-ripping maniacs, the staff of this very controversial radio show find themselves face to face with a real life threat, instilling the very paranoia they so arrogantly speak against.

What really inspired me to watch this film wasn’t the fact that it had a “Zombie-esque” theme, or that it starred cult-actor “Bill Moseley,” but because it also starred Patricia Tallman. Tallman definitely proved her acting ability, and became on of my favs, in the 1990 remake of George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead.” She is one talented actress and deserves muuuch more praise for her work. She did quite well in this film, her acting was strong and she brought a lot to her character considering that her character had limited interaction in this film.

Saying that this is a “Zombie Film” is a misconception. The beings in this film are NOT zombies! Your typical zombies are the re-animated corpses of the deceased. The beings in this film are regular human beings that have been infected by a disease, turning them into insane, vicious, crazed killing machines. Of course, sometimes it is hard to tell exactly what they are, because you see people attacked and left in a lifeless state, and then they jump up and run off to be crazy into the night. So whether they are “Zombies” or just “Crazed flesh-ripping maniacs” is really left up to the viewers opinion, but this viewer knows zombies and these are NOT.

As far as having a unique and fresh storyline, it doesn’t. The storyline is extremely similar to that of 28 Days Later, only it has a terrorist tie-in, and uses a radio station as it’s center focus, which was an interesting twist I must add.

In conclusion, my final opinion is that the film wasn’t too shabby. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected. I enjoyed watching it, it maintained my interest, but in the end it didn’t blow my mind with entertainment value, and therefore I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.


  1. You are a winner!

  2. My first blog award! OMG I'm so excited! I'd like to thank: Maury Povich for the paternity test confirming that I am the father of my blog, The Academy Of John Carpenter for teaching me the joy of horror films, The creators of the Night Of The Comet film for making such a kick-ass film, and the makers of Diet Coke for making such a tasty calorie-free beverage. Seriously though, thanks so much for this, I'm giddy. Gonna have to show this new award off! :D

  3. I saw a preview for this one at Fango last year, Id give it a go, looks interesting enough