Daybreakers: Review

After becoming the dominate species, the existence of the vampire race becomes threatened as the availability of human blood becomes more and more scarce. In order to save both the vampire and human species, a blood substitute ‘must’ be developed or the risk of total elimination of both humans ’and’ vampires will be imminent.

Viewers of this film will definitely be able to relate to it. How could “I” possibly relate to a vampire film, you ask? Well in this film vampires are subject to some of the same crisis’ that we are subject to today. They suffer the rising prices, due to the increase in demand, for blood - just like we’ve experienced the rising prices, due to the increase in demand for gas. They are at war with one another - just like we are at war with other countries. One race is always trying to either eliminate the other or use them for their own personal gain. It’s survival of the fittest, and that is an eliminate that every living creature faces on a daily basis. Showing us that no matter how we class ourselves, we are all virtually the same.

The 'unmutated' vampires in this film are toned down from the typical vampires you often see in films. They still exhibit the typical vampire traits, and yes they explode in sunlight, but they are more civilized, living almost as humans would live on a daily (Errr..Nightly) basis. They have jobs, go to work, drink coffee (with blood), and have feelings just like any normal human….as long as they aren’t deprived of blood. When they are deprived of blood, they mutate into a ghastly deformed creature, dubbed a “Subsider,” willing to feed off humans ‘and’ vampires alike.

To keep the entire vampire species from turning into these “Subsiders” a blood substitute must be discovered. A cure is also discovered, one that I wasn’t too keen on in the beginning, but it later morphed into a brilliant concept! The blood substitute was obviously only mean’t to be a short fix, not a solution. Most vampires reacted to the blood substitute like most carnivorous humans would react to having to eat only tofu.

There are plenty of bloody scenes in this film. One of my absolute favorite scenes was when a vampire suddenly ‘explodes’ making a complete mess! It was totally unexpected, caught me off guard, and became my favorite scene in the film. One of my favorite lines in the film was “Being human in a world full of vampires, is about as safe as bare backing a five dollar whore.” That line made me LOL for the longest time, lol!

In conclusion, this film has everything, except body-glitter vampires, making it a phenomenal film, that I really enjoyed. It has a great beginning, middle, and end, becoming one of my favorite vampire films!

RATING: 4 Out Of 5 Stars


  1. I saw this movie at TIFF Midnight Madness in September 2009 and I had seen their previous movie Undead so I was a fan of the directors. This was a great movie and the crowd loved it, it will be a classic vampire movie up there with Near Dark, Blood and Donuts, and The Lost Boys.

    Great review of a great movie, and one of the best horror blogs out there.

  2. Yeah I liked Undead as well, just not as much as Daybreakers. Although what was so interesting about Undead was the fact that they did almost all the editing/special effects themselves, and people helped them raise money to make the film, truly independent, which was really impressive!

    Wow, thanks so much for the flattering compliments! It is truly, truly appreciated!