Carriers: Review

This film is reminiscent of “Stephen Kings: The Stand” where a group of survivors fight to remain uninfected from a deadly plague, but unlike “The Stand,” no one is ‘immune’ to the disease, there are no “Chosen Ones.” Any of the surviving characters could become infected at any given moment. Their only options are to just be cautious and follow a set of rules to help prevent infection.

This film really shows the true side to people. It's just as much about the true nature of people as it is about a disease. You have your caring, true hearted, that remain by the side of their infected loved ones, even when it’s not in their own best interest. Then you have those that are willing to turn their backs on the ones they love, their religious teachings, and their God in order to survive.

What makes films like this so scary, is the fact that something like this could actually happen. People don’t want to think of that, it instills panic, causes their mind to wonder to a place that they would rather not go. When you watch a vampire film you know that Dracula will never show up on your doorstep, and that there are no monsters under the bed, but when it comes to diseases there is nothing more real. One day a disease could creep through your door, into your home, invading your life, and that’s a scary thought for anyone, so films like this always have a tendency to unnerve people.

Chris Pines character is really the only interesting addition to this film. His crazy antics and arrogant ways kept me interested, aggravated…but interested. You never know what jackass thing he is going to say or do next. The ending left me feeling cheated, like “What was the point of this film?” But when you think about the films undertones you’ll see that the film is basically just about showing the true nature of people during a crisis such as this. It was to bad of a film, but it also wasn't too enjoyable, unless you 'enjoy' being depressed by what you see on screen. Of course films about diseases aren’t supposed to give you with that “Hooraay” feeling.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Stars.


  1. First I must say I saw this in the video store on my last trip and did not rent it. I will be on my next trip. The Stand is my favorite book and I read it at least once a year.

    This is a great review and sounds like the movie is worth a look. I agree with the whole plague wiping out humantity, if it is going to happen, won't be missles, global warming none of that shit, will be just like The Stand, a constantly shifting antigen. The body just wears itself out trying to fight it, they are coming with all the super bugs out there but I digress.

    Thanks again for the review and for your blog, I visit it daily or try to and am still catching up on old postings


  2. Very nice, I have briefly seen it pop up on Amazon but until now I hadnt heard anything about it! Thanks for the review Ter, will be sure to check it out!

  3. Hmmm, I watched this film twice, and while it had it's moments, it left me cold. It a had such a "made for TV" vibe to it. Oh and never put Mr. Meloni in a film without taking his shirt off, I mean, come on now.