Buffy The Vampire Slayer: HUSH (S4-E10)

A group of demons, known as "The Gentlemen," pay Sunnydale a creepy pm visit. During the night, as everyone sleeps, "The Gentlemen" steal the voices of everyone in town....and not without reason. The gruesome truth behind the voice theft is simply because "The Gentlemen" plan on stealing a few hearts...literally, and without a voice no one can hear you scream. It is up to Buffy and the gang to defeat the demonic group and return everyone's voices before it's too late.

The Gentlemen are one creepy-ass group of demons. With their huge, permanently planted smiles, and freaky expressions, they definitely make a very lasting impression on any Buffy fan. Not to mention they have "Dental Grills" in the style of "Flava Flave!"

Humor is plentiful in this episode, I don't think any other episode made me laugh as hard as this one did. My absolute favorite scene is when Giles is educating the group on "The Gentlemen" and Xander asks, "How do we kill them?" Buffy, of course makes a "Masturbatory" stabbing motion that gives the group the wrong idea. All I can say is that it's a good thing the characters had no lines, because I wouldn’t have been able to hear a word over my loud cackle, for at least two minutes, after that. lol! There is also a slightly-equal level of creepiness as well. The soundtrack reminded me so much of "Tim Burton," and it definitely added to the overall creepiness of the episode.

What's odd is that, ever since I was a kid, I have been able to fly in my dreams, and I just so happen to fly in the same "gliding" method as "The Gentlemen." Of course, screaming out, "I CAN DO THAT!" can be really confusing to the people around you, while watching this episode, so I don't recommend it, lol.

We are introduced to Tara (Amber Benson) in this episode, and the bond between her and Willow (Alyson Hannigan) is formed. I wasn't too fond of the "relationship" that later went on between the two, I just thought it was too left field. It was like the writers were trying so desperately to come up with fresh ideas for the show, which is understandable. In shows like this, I would imagine the bottom of the "Creativity Barrell" is practically scraped all the way through. Most of the time, a show is ruined because of this, the characters become totally different people, doing things they would have never done before, and it can sometimes get downright ridiculous.

We are also introduced to Giles' new girlfriend Olivia, and their interracial relationship, which I absolutely loved. It showed another side to Giles, a side I loved, understood, respected, and wanted to see flourish.

In conclusion, out of all the Buffy episodes, this is definitely one on my absolute favs, one that I have watched several times, and I enjoy it more each time I watch it. I picked this up in a compilation 2 DVD set, containing 8 of the best Buffy episodes ever. It's called "Curse Of The Hellmouth," and I'm so glad I bought it, and wish I had every episode, so that I could experience them all again.



  1. Oh my god, I *loved* this episode! The creepy gliding and their bobbing heads. Wonderful use of music, in particular, Dance Macabre by Saint Siens. Lovely.

  2. This episode rocked. There's a scene where Buffy mimics staking somebody and well...it looks like something else. Classic!

    First appearance of Tara I think.