The Blog & The Blogger...

I've had this blog since 2008. I started this blog to write about the genre I love best..horror. While I have never had a huge abundance of: readers, followers, hits, or visitors, I have kept on blogging, because for me it's more about writing about the genre I love than being popular.

The first layout I had was a simple two column black background layout with a drop of blood for decor; That just wouldn't do, it had to be more personal, more of a "Me" design. So I started out with a black square, and through the magic of Photoshop turned that black square into a decrepit brick background, completely unique and my own. The pale demon face you see, with it's hollowed-out eyes and mouth, is also my own, and while I AM pale, I'm not that pale, lol, so that was tweaked as well. The vintage movie theater theme is a theme I love. I love old movie theaters, and detest the design of new cinema's today. Put all of that together and you have "Slasher Film Sanctuary."

I originally only posted movie reviews, but have gradually moved into posting more. I'm learning as I go to create a blog that is more and more "Me," and it will only get better from here. While it would be nice to gain readers, it's not all about that. Sometimes recognition goes unknown for years, but if a persons passion for something is strong enough, they will keep going and, along the way, they may someday get recognition.

Their are so many great bloggers out there, and I discover a new one all the time. Bloggers with amazing blogs and personality that are an inspiration to us all. I hope I can continue to blog forever, and I hope all of you bloggers do the same. Amateur bloggers post an honest opinion that is not swayed by money coming their way. You may not always agree with what we say, but you can be assured that it's an honest opinion, one we did not get paid to say to hype up a film for the rich and powerful.


  1. Well this is a cool siter as far as layout goes. I know it is tough work to get a "look" and you acheieved one. So horror blogs, especially from blogger, settle for the black background with vibrant red text ontop. I see that design almost 50% of the time. You did well with the Blogger template. I have not ahd a chance to check your content but am sure it will match the look since bloggers who care how their sites look also care what they put in it.

    I have two horroe blogs, one is hosted and uses a Wordpress theme and the other is a Blogger blog. Like you I had to do somethigns with the Blogger design. I am not as good as you but I got onwe of those unstandard templates and monkeyed with it.

    My sites are:


    Like you I feel images is crucial but now that all that is settled the hard job of getting content up goes on daily.
    I am following you her enow. My icon is Eraserhead.

    Good stuff


  2. How refreshing to hear! You're absolutely right. And I can think of a couple of "bigname" blogs that have slipped a bit lately... I say keep it coming!

  3. @ Sarah: Thanks so much! ;)

  4. I am the most computer illiterate person I know, hence my lackluster layout, but I love everything you have done here Ter, when I first landed here, I thought the format was the most original and professional I had seen.

    I love blogging as well, if I went back to just me and my first follower I would write just as much if not more since I wasnt networking back then, but the community is more than half of the fun! Ive actually considered publishing myself at Kinkos to make hard copies of my better reviews incase anyone missed them, you might consider doing the same since print is still > all!

  5. Thanks a lot Carl that means a lot. I love the picture you chose for your header, that scene still hurts my eyes. In fact I don't have a fear of needles unless they are near the eyes.

    I started teaching myself Photoshop over 8 years ago and I'm still nowhere near the level I would like to be, it's a lot to digest. But I only judge my own blog as far as looks go, I'm my own worst critic. When I visit other blogs I look for much more than the look of the layout, because the content is what's really important.