Night Of The Creeps (Official Soundtrack)

One can imagine how excited I was for the release of Night Of The Creeps on Blu-Ray and Dvd. I was so grateful for it’s release that I bought both the Blu-Ray AND the Dvd. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that the Official Soundtrack was also released, by “La La Land Records,” so that made me even more excited. I was ashamed of myself for not knowing about it earlier, I suppose being a lazy researcher led to that. ;P Anyway I ordered it from their site and when it arrived today I ripped open that plastic wrapping like 12 year old at Christmas and immediately starting listening to it.

The score is absolutely beautiful, every creepy note is crystal clear. You get the original score, 4 songs from the film, and an interview with the scores composer Barry Devorzon. The CD booklet is also impressive, it’s filled with tons of photos. La La Land Records certainly knows how to release a soundtrack to the fans, they should do ALL of them.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (Of Course!)

CLICK ON OVER and buy yours today, it’s a MUST for any Night Of The Creeps fan!

Main Title (3:32)
The Axe Man Cometh (1:15)
I’m Your Bud (:37)
Cylo Lab / It’s Alive (2:42)
Thrill Me’s Dream (:53)
Cindy’s Scream (3:43)
Done With An Axe (:33)
Screaming Like Banshees (1:23)
Zombie Cat / Zombie (:27)
The Bathroom Stall (2:38)
Will You Go With Me? (1:12)
I Took My Twelve Gauge / Return Of The Axe Man (2:15)
I Already Killed You (2:06)
What’s The Tux For?* (1:08)
J.C.’S Last Note (3:10)
Zombie Dog / Turned Over Bus / Zombie’s Break Out (1:40)
March Of The Zombies (5:42)
The Count Down* (3:12)
End Credit Suite (4:18)
* contains sound effects
Bonus Score Tracks:
The Bathroom Stall (no overlay) (2:38)
The Count Down (alternate) (3:39)
“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” (2:40)
Written by Jerome Kern and Otto A. Harbach
Performed by The Platters
“The Stroll” (2:30)
Written by Nancy Lee and Clyde Otis
Performed by The Diamonds
“Nightmares” (4:39)
Written by Martha Davis and Kevin M. Gilbert
Performed by C-Spot Run
“Solitude” (4:08)
Written by Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Eddie Delangie
Arrangement by Barry DeVorzon
An Interview with Barry DeVorzon (8:46)


  1. Awesome!

    I have been a fan of this film since day one (saw it at the movies when it opened, yes, I am that old). Thought it was creative and a wonderful homage to the horror films of yore. The zombies, slugs and ax murderer were just gory icing on the cake.

    Now, I have to get the soundtrack.


  2. You're so lucky you got to see it in theatre's when it was released. I highly recommend the Soundtrack, for any Night Of The Creeps fan. These are also limited edition of 2000 copies only, so grab it before it sells out. I'm glad I did. (I So Sound Like A Commercial Right Now........Byyyyyy Mennen.)