Night Of The Comet: My Character Breakdown

I love Night Of The Comet! It's one of those films that I occasionally watch everyday for days at a time. Anywho, I thought I would break down some of the characters in my own way, enjoy!

Regina - A wild, rebellious girl, not at all a goodie two-shoes. She's a pretty tough chi-a-dee, as well as very promiscous, and we are pretty much okay with that. Does she have any idea what that makes her look like?! ;P

Samantha - She's obviously jealous of her older sister, but at the same time looks up to her. In the end, I thought she ended up with the better guy. Listen Up DMK that rash is just need to be alarmed!

Doris - An adulterous whore with an obvious passion for money and punching teenagers. Apparently when the "Major" isn't jumping on her, Chuck from across the street IS!

Mel - Capatilizes on the popularity of the comet by selling over-priced headbands. But at the same time he appears to be a really cool boss, because instead of firing Regina and Larry, he continues to put up with their lack of professionalism. It could be because Larrys been doing to Mel what he's been doing to Regina in the booth! Hmmmmmm.

Larry - A film pirating horndog with a passion for boning Regina. Yep, that pretty much sums up Larry.

Hector - A truck driver with an apparent fetish for truck-stop hookers & country music. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him when he pulled up to his Mom's house and heard music playing inside. That sends his hope into overload that his Mother is still alive, only to be crushed when he realized she wasn't.

Danny Mason Keener (DMK) - Was apparently a pretty tough guy. He survived comet induced zombies and avoided "Thinktank vampires" all by himself, without anyone watching him. Way to go DMK! ;)

Steve (The Radio DJ) - Apparently doesn't stay in his "Little Box" everyday like he states; and why would he, when he can pre-record his tracks and set everything to auto-pilot?

Willy - Looks like he's six foot five and never eats. Basically, he's a skinny asshole, and I'm betting that none of that was the effect of the comet.

Gay Guard - He is the guard Hector meets when he arrives at the "Thinktank Facility". He asks the guard if he likes girls, only later to show him Samantha in the trunk. The guard never says whether he likes girls or not, so I'm thinking "No." lol ;P

I will end with a couple of notes:

I once mentioned to my ex-best friend, that it would be interesting if a comet like this one passed over the earth, only to "Dustify" all the bad murderers, rapists, and etc of the world. He was mortified that I would suggest such a thing, I didn't think it was so bad. (Shrugs)

If games like Tempest and technology like the "Commodor 64 Computer" were the last technology ever invented, things would totally suck. lol ;P Well I guess it's a matter of opinion, but I like my modern technology and I love the 80's, so I suppose I am stuck.

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  1. Tempest is a stand up game lol..

    I hate to admit I have never been a fan of this flick, I try and I try to like it more with each viewing, but I prefer NIGHT OF THE CREEPS and other 80s offerings to it.