Random Babble From A Reclusive Zombie...

I’m totally in love with my new Philips Blu-Ray player. The first Blu-Ray film I watched on it was Night Of The Creeps, which I am totally tickled about, because the print is so beautiful.

I’m a very reclusive person, and movies are one of my only outlets. While watching the film Surrogates, I really connected with the storyline, because I practically live my life through machines. I then thought of a funny film title, that I’m sure will get made into a skin-flick, called “Viborrates” about people who live their love-lives through battery operated sex toys. It’s bound to get made, it’s only a matter of time folks, lol.

I’ve been a little distant from my blog for a while, except for the “Paranormal Activity” review, which was a real let down, but I won’t get into that again. I suppose the fact that I’ve been in a really moody funk lately made my review a little more harsh that it should’ve been, but things will improve. Prozac can you hear me? It’s me Terry.

I really need to revamp my blog, add more to it. I figured I would add a download section where you could download movie scripts in PDF format, press kits, and yada yada yada. I also wanna add a more personal touch to my blog, with occasional ramblings of a horror film themed nature along with the already current reviews. I suppose I’ve remained so generic because I didn’t want any mood swings to come across my blog, but that all came crashing down when I did my P.A. review. Lol.

Feel free to leave me comments, I crave them like the Olsen Twins crave food, on what you think of my blog? Until next time Horror fans.


  1. I love your blog! Don't stop, keep on keeping on, one day at time, don't fight the feeling...OK, I am just being silly. Just trying to pull you out of your funk. Been there, done that. Not much fun.

    That said, I so get being reclusive. If I had my way, I would stay away from people - however, my job as a social worker precludes that.

    Sure, why not revamp the blog, sometimes a new coat of paint and a few throw pillows makes a world of difference.

    Have I rambled on enough? See, that's what an after dinner Starbucks will do to ya!

  2. Starbucks has this little red fruity drink that I absolutely love! I can't remember what the hell it's called (Yes I go to starbucks for all-fruity and no coffee) but I haven't had it in forever. Unfortunately I live in the great big hole of suck (OMG I hear banjos again...damn neighbors and their dreams of CMA stardom!) and starbucks is like an hour away, so I never get to go there. Anyway I LOVE that drink and so want one now, lol. Yeah I've been planning a downloads section for a while now, cause everyone loves free goodies. Who knows what I will come up with, but this is not the end of my blog, I will keep on blogging on. (Ester get back in the barn, and put that bag back on your head...don't make me get the hose!) Anyway thanks for the support! ;P

  3. I like this blog as well, it looks great and it is very easy to read & navigate. I doubt that I'll ever graduate to the blue-ray level, being that my TV is still an older version...I can't even afford a High Def TV let alone a fancy new DVD player. Sigh, I still need to get an all region player as well. Oh..poor poor me. Anyway, your site is great, I look forward to seeing whatever changes you may make to it.

  4. Kevin, Thanks for the kind compliments, that means a lot coming from a guy with such a kick-ass website! ;P Don't give up on the Blu-ray dream.Prices on Hi-Def stuff continue to decrease all the time, and with the economy in the shape that it's in prices will be cut even more. I just wish Blu-ray players were all region. I hate having to use a seperate DVD player to watch my imported standard DVD's.