The Stuff: Review

A white substance found oozing out of the ground is marketed as the next dessert sensation. The scrumptious, no-calorie treat becomes the latest addiction to anyone who consumes it. When the high sales of “The Stuff” threatens to put ice-cream companies out of business, they arrange for a spy to infiltrate the company, and find out all he can about its secret ingredients. What is uncovered is that the tasty treat is actually an organism that takes over anyone whom consumes it, turning them into its own mindless playthings.

The Stuff was one of those films that, if I had seen it as a kid, I would’ve loved it so much that I would’ve been reenacting it in my room or yard. Most kids pretended to be G.I Joe, I pretended the be the characters in whatever films I was into at the time, recreating scenes with whatever I could find. I suppose I’ve always had the acting bug. I can practically see myself in my room pretending a bowl of “Whipped Topping” was taking over my body, lol!! Good Times, Good Times. Now onto the review.

Jason (Scott Bloom) discovers that the highly-popular dessert treat that his Mom & Dad have in their Fridge, has a life of its own. Of course, no one believes him, as this story would be unbelievable to anyone, and so they continue to consume it. His Father is a complete ass, so I didn’t feel bad when he ate “The Stuff”, but I was really hoping his brother (Real-life brother Brian Bloom) and Mother wouldn’t eat it, because I was really starting to like their characters. Almost everyone in this film has succumbed to eating the tasty treat, so it’s hard to tell who can be trusted or not. It’s a lot like “The Blob,” only in whipped crème form, lol.

The scenes I most liked in this film, were the scenes when “The Stuff” comes back out of the consumers mouth, stretching their mouths wide enough that any dentist could remove their wisdom teeth with ease. I had read that those who consumed “The Stuff” turned into Zombies, that I don’t totally agree with. They are more mind controlled than Zombies, at first anyway, it isn’t until much later that they become Zombie-like, but not in that classic ‘Romero’ kinda way. After the organism has completely fed off the person, they become nothing more than a shell, in which the stuff uses to conceal what it really is.

We are never really told the true origin of “The Stuff,” except that it came from the ground. It could be an alien organism, much like the Blob, but that is never really stated. Of course we aren’t really sure how any of Earths organisms got to be where they are, so I suppose that gap is irrelevant.

The ending, I pretty much expected. I wish things had been given more closure in a less-sloppy way, but with the cheesy plot, I suppose it fit well.

In closing, this film is yet another example of classic 80’s cheese, which is the best cheese of all. It has all the makings of your typical cheesy 80’s film, from the hokey storyline, to the cheesy music, and dated blue screen effects. It’s one of those films that you have to watch with an open mind and a sense of humor. Being an 80’s kid, I liked this film, so I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. I've never seen The Stuff, but I'm very excited to report that I have it winging it's way to me in the post. Can't wait.