The Prowler: Review

Rosemary Chatham was like many young women in 1945, she was waiting for her true-love to return home from the war. Her only problem was that she could not wait anymore, so she sent her love a letter letting him know that she could no longer wait, and that their courtship was over. On the night of the 1945 Graduation Ball, she and her new found bo are found brutally murdered. After that, her Father, Major Chatham, sees to it that there are no more Graduation Ball dances, and their isn't... for another 35 years. When the decision is finally made to start up the dance tradition again, things once again start to go awry, only this time... everyone is a target!

This film is another classic 80's slasher, much like My Bloody Valentine, where a jaded man punishes a town, due to the revival of a once annual dance, for something they had nothing to do with. It all begins with a close-up shot of a letter being read, a letter from Rosemary Chatham, telling her lover that she will no longer put her life on hold to wait for her soldier to return home. It this letter that marks the betrayal that sets the killer off on a murderous agenda once he returns home. We are never shown the face of the soldier, so one must try and figure out the jaded soldiers true identity, which I must admit wasn't very hard for me to do.

We then flash forward 35 years, to a town that, because of Rosemary's father "Major Chatham," hasn't had a Graduation Ball in all that time. It has finally been decided to lift the ban and bring the dance back from it's much dormant state. Of course, it's very obvious what is going to happen next...the murders are once again going to occur, and while we still are not aware of the killers true identity we have to profile each and every character that could be the correct age to have committed murders in both 1945 and 1980. Is it the creepy store clerk, The dance emcee, Major Chatham himself?

The kills have a fair amount of blood and gore. There is an interesting scene where a guy is stabbed right through the head, and this causes his eyes to completely milk over. There are also many stab, throat slashing, and pitchfork impaling scenes. The soundtrack was your typical old school-eerie type of soundtrack, completing the overall creepy atmosphere of the film.

Overall I really liked this film. I did think the ending was a bit hokey and redundant, and the killer was fairly easy to figure out, but other than those things the film wasn't too bad. Earning it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Most probably wouldn't rate it that high, but it really took me back and gave me the feeling I got while watching Halloween, Friday The 13th, and My Blood Valentine as a kid, so I really enjoyed it.

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