Intruder: Review

A crew is busy preparing the Walnut Lake Market for it’s big “Going Out Of Business Sale,” when Jennifer, one of the checkout girls, is harassed by an insane ex-boyfriend just released from prison. Turns out he’s returned to win her back and prove his undying love to her, and when the store crew starts dying one by one Jennifer wonders just how “Crazy In Love” he really is!

This wasn’t a film that “Wowed” me, it just seemed to lack so much. Some of the death scenes are pretty gory, like the “head-sawing” scene, while others were mostly generic stab scenes. However, there was one stab scene that I thought was shot really well, all I will say is that it’s one of the most creative ‘back-of-the-head stab shots’ I have seen in a while.

I’ve seen enough of these films to know that sometimes something “Obvious” is inserted into the plotline, strictly for the purpose of tricking the viewer into believing the opposite of what is really happening, then a shock or wow factor is introduced. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t, and this would be one example when it doesn’t work, at least not for me, fore I eventually sensed this “plot trickery.”

As far as the hunt-and-kill scenes, this film has many of them. To start off with, this film was going pretty good, not to the point of being a 5 star film, but good, and then it started to go south and lose my interest. “Bill” was one of the elements that ruined this film for me. His character started out good, but then just became annoying due to his random comedic cornball actions and cheesy one liners. It felt so random and irrelevant to the storyline. What topped it off was the horrible ending, which I simply hated.

In conclusion I did like the film, it had many scenes I did like, and many familiar faces. I just did not like all aspects of it, it could have been better , but just had so many elements that damaged it in so many ways, so I rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

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