DeadGirl: Review

After breaking into an abandoned mental asylum, two teenagers discover a bound, naked woman in the basement. They question who she is and why she is there, and soon find out that she was bound and hidden for a very good reason...for she is a creature of the undead.

This review contains a few vague spoilers, but I felt the need to bring them up for discussions sake.

This film was quite disturbing. How anyone could have sex with someone of the undead is beyond me. I suppose they were just bizarre, stupid, desperate, and severely horny teenagers. You can automatically sense that they are going to get into all sorts of trouble out of this, so all you can do is sit back and wait for it to occur.

There are a few plot holes in this film. The undead girl tears a door off its hinges, but yet she couldn’t break the measly rope she was restrained with towards the end? If she is in fact a zombie, then why does she breath, have color in her skin? Why aren’t her eyes milked over? She doesn’t have any of the normal characteristics that make up a zombie or a dead person in general.

We are also shown the effects of what happens if she bites someone, which is the general effect of any zombie bite…they become one of her. However, I didn’t really understand the point in the guy having severe stomach trouble, then his intestines exploding from his rectum! Talk about a rectal prolapse!! Afterwards we are given no further updates of what happened to him. If there was an obvious time to explain why he was in the shape he was in, it was then, but I suppose he thought that, regardless of his blown intestines, that he had better keep his secret?? Also another guy tried to free the zombie girl and is bitten only to be dragged away by JT. What happened to him, what did JT do with him, kill him, lock him up, feed him to his zombie girl? What happened to the “Girl” that escaped, we are given no update on her either.

If the film had left nothing unanswered and filled all plot holes, it would’ve been a better film, still disgustingly disturbing, but better. So I give this film a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. It’s definitely a new zombie story and was unique in its own way.


  1. I've been avoiding this one. I love zombie films, but this one sounds sadistic. Then again, I can't judge something I have never seen. So, I guess I'm on my way to Netflix to have a look see.

  2. They are technically raping a woman, she just happens to be a zombie, but it's still rape all the same, and they do it a lot, so it is sadistic.