The Crazies: Review

When a biological weapon is accidentally exposed to the water supply of a small Pennsylvania town, all chaos ensues, making anyone that’s ingested the virus stark -raving mad. After the town is put under Marshal-Law, many towns people resist, causing an all-out war between the towns inhabitants and the military. A group of people manage to escape, trying desperately to save themselves, but the agony they encounter is much more than they bargained for.

This film, directed by George A Romero, is probably considered one of his more lesser-known films, mainly due to it’s content. George Romero was made famous for this work in the field of Zombies, so fans that haven’t seen this film will not be getting the Zombie-fix Romero fans have grown to expect.

Regardless of the lack-of Zombies, this film is still a pretty decent flick, it’s something that has a high possibility of actually happening and so that brings an all new level of fear to the viewer.

As far as gore is concerned, there is very little. There are several gunshots and blood, but that’s about all the gore you’re exposed to, so gore-hounds might be a little disappointed.

The voice-overs and gunshot effects in this film sound like they were recorded in an airplane hanger or garage, making it very apparent that the budget was very tight. That was one main aspect that really disappointed me, because they sounded really bad and really stood out from the rest of the films audio.

All in all this film wasn’t bad, it still had a lot of very recognizable, “Romero Style” camera work, and was very entertaining, earning it a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. However, I much favor any of Romero’s Zombie films over this one.


  1. Fave moment is the old lady with the knitting needles.

  2. Yeah that was one of my favorite moments too. She appears so calm and happy, then just goes bat-shit crazy, stabs a man, then returns to her knitting. lol.