After a girl is sadistically raped, a series of bizarre murders begin to occur at the Excaliber Bowling Alley. The next night, as two rival teams hold their own all night Bowl-a-thon, their team members are brutally murdered one by one by a masked killer sporting full-on bowling attire, altered bowling pin weapons, and a bowling-ball bag mask. What began as an all night bowl-a-thon turns into an all night kill-a-thon, in this campy underground hit by writer-director Ryan Nicholson.

This film pays homage to the exploitive films of the 1980's. It has some of the most cliché dialogue ever, from lines like "Don't let you mouth write a check your ass can't cash" to "You Mother-fuckers don't have to go home but ya' can't stay here!" The actors are a cast of unknowns, with acting talents that range from okay to absolutely horrible. The film is a borderline porno, filled with sex, and both male and female nudity, something that would've most definitely been cut had the film been released in the 1980s.

The kill scenes are creative, over the top, and in most instances very disgusting and disturbing. For me the most disturbing scenes were the "Anal-Rape Scene," where a guy is raped with a "bowling-pin stake," and the 'Sex Change Scene." The visual image of a guy getting anally impaled wasn't enough for the films creators, they also had to use sound effects to realistically mimic the rape, only adding to the overall disturbing effect the scene had on the viewer. The most humorous death scene was the oddly unique "69 Smother Death," which is totally unlike any death scene ever! Overall the film has several creative death scenes, hell-bent on completely shocking and disturbing the viewer.

Most of the vulgar language wasn't in the original script, it was ad-libbed, and I think the film would've been better had most of it been left out. The word "FUCK" was stated as being used in over 625 instances. After a while the overuse of the words "Fuck" and "Cunt" became quite annoying, there is no reason to used those words in every sentence.

This film, like so many other films of yesteryear, will not be to everyone’s liking. Some will hate it and some will not. Just watch it with a sense of humor and an open mind. All in all I was pleased with this film, because not only did it remind me of cheesy 80's films, it amused and disturbed me on a level that I have not visited in a while, earning it an overall rating of a good 4 out of 5 stars, true cheesy sleaze.

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  1. you know what I find funny here? How does a shotgun "behead" someone? Not like Maniac shotgun decimation behead, but "getting your head tilted to one side and your neck's a gaping hole of blood geyser" behead? Funny stuff indeed...