Random Babble Of A Zombie Nature

I’ve been in a total “Return of the Living Dead” binge lately. I go through blocks of admiration like this all the time, it’s like I fall in love with my favorite films all over again. So with all of my spare time, and believe me I have endless hours of it, I have scoured sites like eBay, searching for any vintage discoveries relating to ROTLD. I have found quite a few things, lobby-still sets mostly, which I love to collect. One site really pissed me off though, it was a company I shall dub “CrappyGoods.” I discovered a lobby-still set of ROTLD 2 on their site, and I just had to have it, so I asked customer service if their photos were “Lab Printed Reproductions,” knowing full-well that the odds of the stills being authentic were really slim. They assured me that all of their photos were professionally printed and so that sold me on this company I had never purchased from before (Yes, apparently I’m a naïve sucker!). I suppose I should have stated “Lobby-still pics” in my email to them, because what arrived on my doorstep was nothing of a professional nature. I received five inkjet printed 8x10’s that had a huge S&H price tag! Why purchase a reproduction that will never increase in value you ask? Because I thought, “If I can’t find an authentic set, then at least I can have high-quality reproductions!” I don’t know many professional inkjet printer-ests, but I’m pretty sure they are about as non-existent as my love for turkey shit, so needless to say I was so mad steam could’ve very well blown from my non-existent Hoo-Hoo, but I got over it and considered it a valuable lesson learned. I could’ve sent them back and demanded a refund, but I’d already dished out so much in expensive S&H costs, that could not be recouped, that I didn’t really see the point of it. No, instead they just lost a valuable customer for life. What’s funny is that a few days later I found almost the entire set (Authentic) on eBay, from sellers I had purchased from before, So I ordered them as my replacements! :D

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