Creepy House On Memory Lane

Ebay has so many great things, it’s practically the worldwide thrift store. As I was surfing through the bay I discovered something from my childhood that I had totally forgotten about, a 1989 Ghostbusters Mummy figure. When you press his legs together his head bandages and arm fall off. It was one of my favorite childhood figures, so I decided to buy it for about 6 bucks, just so I could have it again. I suppose the kid in me will never die, just like my love for horror it will always exist. I have to admit though, my trinkets cabinet needs re-organizing.

Speaking of horror figures, The Return Of The Living Dead “Tarman” figure gets released soon, and that’s something else that I cannot live without. You can head over to “House Of Mysterious Secrets” and pre-order yours right now, it makes a great addition to anyone’s horror figures collection. I suppose I’m a bit geeky, but I just love ROTLD and must have this figure.

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