Resident Evil T-Virus Replica Info

I get more hits on my blog from viewers searching for the "Resident Evil T-Virus Replica" than anything else. To those viewers I say this, "You will not find a good quality replica for under 45 bucks, and that's usually for only one vial, not the complete set of virus & antivirus vials." You also are not likely to find decent materials to create one of your own at your local hobby store. Some have used shaving cream lids and other various plastic caps, but that will not create a high-quality replica that will withstand the high standards of most collectors. The actual caps are custom-made by various machine shops out of high quality aircraft aluminum. The vials are made from either glass or acrylic tubes. Glass tubes remain more accurate to the original film prop, but can break, so some go with the acrylic. Unless you just like being crafty, it would be better to simply buy a replica. One site with reasonably-priced replicas that I have found is Kentucky Special FX. Another site would be Blackwell FX. Both sites make high-quality replicas, like the rare, but highly sought after, T-Virus & Antivirus set with case from Blackwell FX. I own a replica set from Blackwell Fx and the quality is amazing. To those searching for this replica, I hope this helped.

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  1. I have got to get me one of these.