Dead Snow (2009)

During their Easter ski vacation in the snowy mountains, a group of medical students are viciously attacked by a mob of blood-thirsty Nazi Zombies from WWII. These zombies are completely unaware that the war has ever ended, and launch a viscous attack on anyone that gets in their way, in this 2009 Norwegian horror film by director Tommy Wirkola.

At first glance, I thought this film had a very unique zombie storyline. I had never seen a zombie film where zombies forced their decayed bodies through mounds of snow to get to their victims. However, my excitement was soon destroyed, once I discovered that these particular frozen WWII Nazi Zombies could run faster than a horse at the Kentucky Derby! Now I know horror films take reality to unbelievable limits, but this was just ridiculous! If the frozen undead could even attempt to run, their ankles would snap and limbs would be falling to the ground like tree branches during an ice storm! Had this element not been included the film would have been a lot better! I also wasn’t too fond of the fact that it was in Norwegian, with English subtitles. I don’t like to read while watching a film, it’s like reading a book and watching a film at the same time, and that’s just degrades the level of entertainment for me.

On the plus side, this film had loads of blood and old-school special effects. There are many disembowelment scenes, severed limbs, split heads, blood galore, and even an appropriate balance of comedy thrown in. With the exception of having to read the entire movie in subtitles, and the Olympic snow-wading zombies, this film wasn’t too shabby, and therefore I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. I agree with you about the speed of the zombies, but at least it was the entertaining so at least the speed the directors and writers were on actually worked. The gore was great and this movie now that I look at it seemed like Inglorious Bastards meets the Undead. The only difference is the writing is nowhere near Tarantino.