Zombie Strippers

This campy horror comedy centers around "W Industries", which is owned and operated by Bush, Cheney, & Rice. "W Industries" creates a chemo-virus with the ability to reanimate dead tissue. This virus is created in order to construct the ultimate super soldier, one that can keep fighting even after death. When the virus accidentally makes it's way into an underground strip club, and infects the head stripper (Jenna Jameson), all hell breaks lose. Soon an uncontrollable path of infection begins, turning everyone it comes into contact with into a blood-thirsty zombie mess.

This film is almost identical with "Zombies Zombies Zombies", starring Tiffany Shepis, and even though I am a huge T-Shep fan, I actually enjoyed Zombie Strippers a lot more. Jenna Jameson actually did an exceptional job of portraying a stripper turned Zombie slut, go figure. Ultimate Fighting competitor Jacob "Tito" Ortiz, also has a small cameo as the "Zombie fearing strip club bouncer", I just adore him, I wish his role in the film had been a bigger one. Robert Englund's performance as the dainty club owner was good, but we will always remember him as the nightmarish Freddy Krueger, no matter what role he plays.

This film has everything, gore for the gore hounds, female nudity for the guys, politic undertones for the political, and lots of comedy thrown in, giving it an overall ridiculous level of humor. I mean, you can't get any campier than having a Zombie Jenna Jameson shooting pool balls from her who-ha, or having zombie strippers orally castrating strip club patrons. It may be a bit too goofy & campy for some, and even though I'm not a huge horror comedy fan I did find it entertaining, and therefore I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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