Kiefer Sutherland plays a troubled cop, who is being investigated after the accidental shooting of an undercover Police officer. While he is waiting to be reinstated, he takes a job as a security guard at a burnt out department store. He soon discovers that the many mirrors in the store, mysteriously untouched by the fire, hold some sort of malevolent entity, one that threatens the life of not only him, but his family as well. He finds himself in a race against time to find the means to save his family, and himself, from the evil entity that lurks inside the Mirrors!

This film opens with a scene that instantly grabs your attention, and lets you know that you're in for an entertaining ride of horror. Kiefer Sutherlands character, Ben, has already went through the agony of accidentally killing a man, and now the lives of everyone he loves has been put in jeopardy. Needless to say, you really feel for his character. The storyline has plenty of twists and turns to keep the viewers attention, and more than enough gore-scenes for the gore hounds.

After watching the alternate deleted scenes, I couldn't help but wish that they had left some of those particular scenes in the final cut of the film. I feel that it would have made the film more entertaining. The alternate ending didn't impress me though, because it seemed like one of those made for sci-fi movie endings, making me like the original ending much more.

Overall the film was really good, it did a good job at building suspense, had a good storyline, special effects, and acting, and therefore I rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

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