Midnight Movie

A creepy run down movie theatre is showing a 1970's horror film, created by and starring a vicious murderer who mysteriously went missing during a brutal psych ward massacre five years earlier. As the group of friends watch the film, they are soon amazed when they see one of their own friends slaughtered on screen by this vicious killer. Their amazement soon turns to fear as they learn that the murders are indeed real! The night turns into a fight for their lives as the group tries to frantically elude the masked killer, before they end up as another frame in this madman’s film of carnage!

Horror films with killers jumping out of theatre screens and televisions are about as cliché as it gets, for example: The Video Dead, Demons 2, & Cut, all have this overly clichéd theme. But horror & cliché fit together like a puzzle piece.

While this film didn't have a huge "Wow Factor", it was still a pretty decent film. Even though it has a lot in common with the films I mentioned, it definitely brought it's own flavor to the screen. The killers weapon was unique, personal, and hand made, just like, but not at all comparing to, Freddy Krueger’s infamous glove. As far as blood and gore is concerned, it had its share. The ending wasn't the worst I've seen, nor was it the best. Overall I think this film would have been more popular in the 80's.

It's not a film for everyone, but if you liked any of the films I mentioned, you might want to give this film a chance. I liked it, and think it's at least worth a rental, so I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Official Site: www.midnightmovie.com


  1. Hey I saw this movie and I agree with your review. It didn't have the wow factor but at least it was original (it did have some parts that resembled many other horror movies) and it had some awesome kills and gorey parts. It's far from Laid to Rest or Drag Me to Hell but at least its a decent slasher film. Hey how do I become one of your followers. I can't find the followers page.

  2. I just added the Followers gadget below the Twilight Banner on the left. I also have a subscription box where you can have updates emailed to your inbox. (Must confirm by email)