The Haunting In Connecticut

Out of desperation, a family moves into a home, formerly a mortuary, to be closer to doctors that are treating their sons cancer. Shortly after moving in, strange events begin to occur, and a dark, grim secret is revealed that will change the family's lives forever.

I, originally, had no desire to see this film in theatres. The trailer for the film just didn't appeal to me and, to be honest, neither did the title. The title seemed so generic, that I figured the movie would be to. Couldn't they have came up with a more catchy title than, "The Haunting In Connecticut"? I suppose they wanted to keep an easily identifiable connection to the documentary, but they could have done that it a different way than tagging it with such a generic title. Could you imagine how uninteresting the film "Jaws" would have sounded if it had been called, "A Shark In The Water"?
Regardless of how uninterested I was in the trailer and title, the film was actually really good. It had many "Jump" moments, which I have to admit are the only things in horror films that have scared me since I was eleven years old, and an overall creepy atmosphere that really keeps the viewer in suspense. There is nothing quite as creepy as seeing a slew of "Zombie ghosts" creeping about, with no eyelids and symbols cut into their flesh, covering their entire bodies; Not to mention the many photographs of dead children and adults that were in the movie, something that was actually quite popular many, many years ago.

This film is based on a true story, "Based" being the key word. They often take the base of a true story and use it to create their own movie version, often altering many things in the story, stretching the truth immensely. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was based on the true life story of a man named Ed Gein, only he didn't live in a farm house with a demented family and chase people with chainsaws, he was actually quite plain and withdrawn, still a murdering creep, but totally unlike Leatherface. Hollywood often does this, labeling a movie as being "Based on a true story", and then audiences go with the premise of believing that everything they see on the screen actually happened, when in reality it did not. I actually believe in hauntings, I believe that they are real and that they actually happen, but I think Hollywood has made this supernatural occurrence so synthetic with it's altered movies and TV shows, that's it's hard for many to believe in.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this film, it isn't my favorite film by far, but it was enjoyable, and therefore I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.


  1. i thought it was a very good movie, just take out the part where it says "based on a true story" cause its not even close