Autopsy (2009)

On their way back from a festive Mardi Gras celebration, a group of young partygoers crash their car. They are soon rescued by a mysterious ambulance and taken to a desolate hospital known as Mercy Hospital, but this hospital will be showing the young partygoers everything but mercy!

The film begins with a montage of video and photos, showing the young group wildly celebrating Mardi Gras. At first, I wasn't too fond of this opening method. I want the opening of a film to instantly grab my attention, and this just didn't do so. However, I was glad that they used this method versus the alternative long, drawn out, boring frames of the group walking, drinking and acting a fool that could have been shown for the first 20 minutes! The storyline doesn't really become interesting until the group is taken to, the eerie, Mercy hospital, where they are put through hell by a spinal fluid consuming Doctor (Robert Patrick) and a staff of odd misfits.

I won't give away too many of the gory-scene details, but I will say that this film has a decent amount of it. One of my favorite scenes involved the suspended organs of a living man, hanging above him, completely outside of his body cavity, unlike anything I have ever seen in a film before. It's not a film with gore to the extent of Hostel or Hostel 2, but it definitely has it's share of gore.

Overall the film isn't too bad. It isn't a film that left me with that "Jaw dropping, that was an amazing film" type of feeling in the end, but I felt that it was worth the rental, and therefore I rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

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