Kill Theory

A group of friends head to a summer house for an unforgettable summer of partying, memory-making, and sunshine; What they don't plan on is being stalked by a deranged psycho.
Although the plot to this film is so cliché, and has been incorporated into almost every horror film to date, it wasn't too bad. The serial killer isn't just randomly targeting this group of friends, their is an actual reason to his madness, and that reason is revealed at the end of the film. Most of the cast does a pretty good job at portraying believable emotions during this hellish situation, but others are just way too calm. If you were trapped in a house with your friends, being terrorized by a deranged killer, you would not be calm, talking about getting it on, and arguing about petty things. Instead, you would be scared shit-less and the last time I checked "Scared-Shitless" didn't include any of those things, because no one would, realistically, react that way.

The kills aren't really that new or creative, they have all been done before in one film or another. What does make this film interesting is that the friends are forced, by the killer, to turn on each other to survive, and that exposes the level of human selfishness and the overall will to survive that pretty much all of us possess, that is the central theme of the film.

Even though the film has a recycled plot and kills, it is still view-worthy and has an ample amount of suspense, and therefore I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Hopefully this film will eventually get a DVD release, because in all honesty it is better than a lot of crap that is already out there, wasting DVD space.


  1. Nice review Te - I have not heard of this one - guess that I will have to keep an eye out. . .

  2. Yeah it's an okay film, nothing spectacular, but it wasn't bad. They've been trying to get it released for a little while now, don't know what the hold-up is. :D