Friday The 13th (2009)

The storyline remained true to the typical Friday The 13th storylines; Young adults go to camp crystal lake for the summer to make memories that will last a lifetime, only they don't know that their lifetimes will be short-lived, as most of the them will become the latest targets of legendary Jason Voorhees!

"Nana Visitor" as Mrs Voorhees, was a nice addition to the modern retelling. Unlike the original, she wasn't the main focus of the film. The storylines of the first three films were connected and retold to a modern audience to speed along the mayhem. She wasn't anything like Betsy Palmer, she put her own flavor into the character of Pamela Voorhees. One could somewhat feel her pain over the death of her only child, during the first few minutes of the film; Of course Betsy Palmer will always remain Jason’s true Mother, in the bloody hearts of Friday The 13th fans everywhere.

Jason seemed to have more anger in this film, he was faster and appeared more determined to get the murderous job completed, but still remained true to the Jason we all love to see shred the screen. His home wasn't a shack out in the middle of the woods, easily discovered by anyone that happened to walk by. In this film, his home was a series of underground tunnels below the camp, containing his collection of macabre treasures.

"Trent" was the most arrogant character of the film; He invites his friends to his parents summer house and then lectures them about spills and putting their feet on the table, just like an over-supervising parent would. If you ask me he is the last person I would want to spend a summer with. I couldn't help but wonder why his parents had never had a run-in with Jason, I mean they own a summer house that is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from Camp Crystal Lake, the locals are well aware of Jason and his presence and yet "Trent" acts surprised, and in disbelief, when they become Jason’s latest target. I suppose that is just a flaw in the storyline.

I didn't really understand the point of "Lawrence" being so, "Don't put me in a box because I'm black, but yet I'm gonna put myself into one" at the beginning of the film and then from then there on that part of him was non-existent. I don't think that added to his character in the slightest, it just simply added a few laughs that weren't really needed.

The ladies of the film were typical, some won over the audience with their scenes of topless nudity, while others that did so through the strength of their characters.Jared Padalecki did a good job of playing his character, "Clay", the irresponsible brother that makes up for his past by searching desperately for his missing sister when everyone else had already given up.The kills did disappoint me a little, of course I suppose it is a little hard to create new ones when Jason has already had so many creative kills in this past, some of which resurface in this film, while some are completely fresh.

I thought the ending was going to be an acceptable one, but that was ruined by the last remaining seconds of the film, which I thought was completely unnecessary. Had the ending been different, the film would have been more enjoyable. I'm betting that an extended unrated version with alternate endings will be included in the DVD release of this film and that I cannot wait for!

Overall I rate this film 3.5 out of 5 stars. As far as remakes go, this one is decent.

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  1. Good review Te - I for one am looking forward to the DVD as well, as it is supposedly an almost entirely different film - hopefully with a better ending!