Snakes On A Plane

Two FBI agents are given the task of safely escorting a witness for a high-profile trial from Honolulu to Los Angeles. What they don't know is that the mobster they are prosecuting has arranged for some traveling companions to accompany them......450 poisonous snakes. The snakes give the passengers, of a normally peaceful red-eye flight, an experience that they will either never forget or never survive! The flight becomes an on-board war between the passengers and the snakes in this intense thrill ride. Snakes on a plane, giving you a real reason to fear flying!

I remember the vast majority of critical reviews that came about after the initial release of this film. It was those reviews that lead me to believe that I shouldn't waste my time viewing this film, so I neglected seeing it for over two years. The reviewers painted this film as a cheesy, not worthy of a view, film...a Hollywood failure. After viewing this film, it makes me wonder how so many critics could think so poorly of a film that is actually entertaining! I thought the film was extremely entertaining. I was creeped out, amused, and saddened. If those aren't signs of a good film I don't know what is. I had very few faults with the film. One fault that I originally had, was the fact that they got "David Koechner" to play one of the pilots. Normally I can't stand to watch him act with that constant "I'm chewing my face" expression. But he did add a certain level of humor to the film, so I suppose it wasn't all that bad.

All in all I rate this film 4 out of 5 stars, I just wished I hadn't let the reviews influence my decision to see this film for so long. Live and Learn.

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  1. I never take Critic's opinions to heart...

    This was a FUN film!!