Trailer Park of Terror

Norma is beautiful, all the boys love her, and all she wants is to meet a man that will love her and take her away from the hellish trailer park in which she lives. When her ticket out is accidentally killed, she makes a deal with the devil (Trace Atkins) to exact her revenge on those responsible, but that deal doesn't come cheap. We fast forward to a group of trouble teens and their youth pastor, they have an accident that leads them to the trailer park where they are greeted by Norma. She is no longer the sweet, innocent girl she once was, she is something darker, something nightmares are made of. Norma, along with her group of the undead, give the troubled teens a night of hell that they will never forget!

I didn't know what to expect of this film. With a title such as "Trailer Park of Terror," you automatically lower your expectations of a cinematical masterpiece and prepare yourself for ultra camp and cheese, and that's exactly what you get with this film. The trailer-park characters are disgusting and are your typical text-book trailer-park stereotype portrayal. In my opinion, Larlene "The Meat Lady" ranks high on the list of horror hags, along with Henrietta "The Fruit Celler Hag" from Evil Dead 2. Hearing her say, "I smell Meat," and "Where's my meat?!" in a thick southern accent made me burst out into laughter. In fact, I haven't been able to get it out of my head since I watched the film. Throughout the film you are given brief performances by Roach, "The White-Trash Guitar Playing Zombie",only adding to the overall campiness of the film.

Most of cast were unknown to me, with the exception of: Priscilla Barnes (As Jean, Normas Mother), Ryan Carnes (As Alex, the cocky muscular jock), and country star Trace Atkins, (As the devil). But they all did an exceptional job of portraying their characters.

Overall this film wasn't too bad. The special effects makeup in this film was really good, it has a descent amount of gore, and is loaded with cheese and camp. Overall I rate it 4 out of 5 stars. It isn't for everybody, but I really liked it, and totally plan on adding it to my collection.

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  1. Nice Review!
    Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!
    This one is already in my Netflix Queue :-)