The Initiation Of Sarah

Sarah has powers that she cannot explain, which have always caused her and her sister Lindsey anguish. Lindsey is the more weak and quiet of the two, always doing whatever she can to look out for her sister. They hope that attending college will give them the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and have the best four years of their life. Eventually the two sisters are torn apart, planning to join separate sororities, the two oldest sororities on campus that have been in a constant Good vs. Evil battle since the beginning of time. They find themselves fighting for their lives against the very evil that is so desperately trying to tear them apart.

This ABC Family movie really wasn't that bad. It is made more for the teenage viewing audience, but adults with the interest in a good family-appropriate film will enjoy this as well. It stars Jennifer Tilly, which immediately sparked my interest fore I absolutely adore her, and Joanna Garcia, whom you may remember from the hit television show "Reba". Joanna Garcia's role as Corinne, the all-evil demon-bitch of Alpha Nu Gamma, is completely opposite from Cheyenne, the bubbly character she played on "Reba", which was interesting to see. Jennifer Tilly looked and performed as amazing as she always has, playing the good, but still powerful, Dr. Eugenia Hunter of Pi Epsilon Delta. Dr. Hunter (Tilly) has the hope of saving the two sisters (Sarah & Lindsey) from the evil grasps of Alpha Nu Gamma, ridding their lives of the evil of Alpha Nu Gamma once and for all, putting an end to the ancient battle.
Overall the storyline is solid, the characters are well written, and the ending is pretty much expected, because this IS an ABC Family film after all. In conclusion, I rate this film 4 out of 5 stars. If you are searching for a film appropriate for a family of all ages this is your best bet.


  1. My niece keeps telling me I should watch this. She knows I love horror movies and she's young enough that this is pretty much her version of horror.

  2. Yeah it's nowhere near adult horror, well unless you consider "Halloween town" adult horror. ;P