Zombies Zombies Zombies

A street-junkie seeking the ultimate high, steals a failed drug experiment from a lab, aimed at curing cancer, only to later get the drug stolen from him by his hooker girlfriend. When she consumes it, she turns into a blood-thirsty zombie, turning anyone she bites into one as well. As the zombie count begins to rise, a group of exotic dancers, street hookers, and pimps barricade themselves inside a local strip club, trying their best to survive the zombie plague that lurks outside!

As the film opens, we are greeted with the presence of horror scream queen Tiffany Shepis. She is wearing an ice skating uniform and conversing with her coach, when suddenly, out of nowhere, they are ambushed by a gang of zombies! At this point the audience is instantly made aware that this film is a "Tongue-in-cheek" comedy. The acting and dialogue kind of gave me the feeling of a campy retro film. Later a battle ensues between Tiffany, Her Coach, and the zombies. Tiffany kicks ass with her ice skates and killer moves, and just as the scene starts to get interesting, we are suddenly made aware that this scene is nothing more than a film within a film, being viewed by an adorable young girl wearing 3D glasses, and soon after we are greeted with the opening credits.

This film is very reminiscent of Shaun Of The Dead, so fans of S.O.T.D may enjoy this film. However, I can't promise that because I don't see this film being right up everyone’s alley. Some scenes had me laughing out loud, especially the scene where Grace is beating a zombie in the head with a stiletto, or the scene where one of the strippers attempts to catch a zombie on fire by throwing a paint-thinner can at her while shooting it, only to realize that she's out of bullets. Needless to say, all she does is hit a "dazed" zombie in the head with the can...hahaha! Overall, I rate it 3 out of 5 stars. The film isn't the worst film that I have seen, nor is it the best, and if you clear your expectations, and keep in mind that this IS a silly,campy comedy, then you may enjoy it.

Oh and If you order the DVD directly from main site below, you get goodies that you can't get anywhere else, Such as: 5 Collectible post cards, and a pair of ZZZ 3D glasses for the included 3D opening. It will also be available on Netflix and Blockbuster, so if you don't want to chance it and make the purchase, you can always queue it up.


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