Night Of The Demons 3

The rusty gates of Hull House have creaked open once again on this eerie Halloween Night. Angela is anxiously awaiting for her Halloween treats to arrive, and after a group of misfits land on the wrong side of the law and take refuge there, she will have to wait no more!

This film doesn't really stay true to the spirit of Night of the Demons. Hull House has been completely revamped, all creepy and decrepit characteristics have been erased with a fresh coat of paint and furniture. It no longer looks like the decrepit old funeral parlor that we remember from the first two films, but like a newly renovated home about to be put on the market. Angela is still her old self, only this time she plays the "Victim" and tries to win people over to her side through defenseless manipulation, and sexuality. We are given a fresh variety of demonic voices in this film, Angela still has her original demonic voice, but the other demons sound more like computer alterations. Overall this is the least enjoyable film from the trilogy and would make a horrible way for any viewer, that hasn't seen this prior two, to start experiencing the trilogy.

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars!

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