Night Of The Demons 2

Several years have passed since the massacre at “Hullhouse.” Stories about what happened there have gone from being the “Morbid Truth” to nothing more than a “Childish Ghost Tale.” Regardless of what people believe, the evil of that lurks there is still very much alive, and on this Halloween a group of students from St. Ritas Academy are going to get way more than they bargained for when they decide to have a Halloween Dance of their own inside the very walls of “Hullhouse.”

I was a Freshman in High school when I first discovered this film while channel flipping. When I saw a couple of religious types, dressed in their “Sunday Best,” approaching a run-down house, I immediately knew that this was a horror film. Soon afterwards they are greeted by “Angela,” and she offers them cake (Who says Demons can’t be polite?). When they refuse, she reveals to them her true form, with black eyes, demonic voice, and a meat cleaver. She then hacks them to pieces and we are then greeted with the opening credits.

This film takes a different story path than the first one. The first film mainly takes place at Hullhouse, but with this one the evil follows them back to St.Ritas Academy and then returns to Hullhouse yet again. They found yet another morbid way to incorporate a lipstick tube into this film, but it was nothing like the first.
This level of campy humor is up a few notches compared to the first, everything from talking decapitated heads in toilets, to Sister Gloria pulling a "Mr. Miyagi" with a rosary and a super-soaker. The level of gore is up a few notches as well, with Demonic breasts, decapitation, exploding demons, Marsha Brady puking up a slimy cockroach, and so much more. If that sounds like it could be up your alley, then you should definitely check this film out.

Movie Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars!

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