Hell Night

Hell Night is the 1981 film, starring Linda Blair, about a group of Frat & Sorority pledges that, as part of an initiation, have to spend a night in a creepy mansion known as "Garth Manor." On this exact night Twelve years earlier, Raymond Garth murdered his wife and children and then committed suicide. Legend has it that he spared the life of one child, a child with a hideous deformity, and that child still remains at Garth Manor! Will the pledges survive the horrors that await them on Hell Night?!

Just like many other 80's cult classics, this film had many scenes that were really dark, but the darkness only added to the overall creepiness of the film. I don't think that Halloween or Friday The 13th would have been half the cult-sensation, had the scenes been adequately lit, exposing every horrific occurrence in well-lit frames. There isn't much in the "Gore" department, but like many other 80's films, this film made up for the lack of gore in other areas. Linda Blair’s performance was, strong and well acted. She plays creepy and extremely bubbly pretty well. Overall the film isn't too shabby, so I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars. It isn't for everyone and will not rank in the "Best Horror Movies of All Time category", but I think it's at least worth a rental.

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