Happy Birthday To Me

Virginia Wainwright, a popular high school senior, has it all. She has friends, a rich father, and all the popularity she can stand and more. The only thing that she doesn't have is a Mother. Virginia's Mother died in a car accident, the same accident that Virginia survived! Since then Virginia has suffered memory loss and traumatic blackouts. Just when she thinks that everything is finally going well in her life, her friends start turning up dead! Will she be the next victim of the brutal killer or is the brutal killer...Virginia?

I never had the pleasure of seeing this film with it's original soundtrack. For the DVD release they completely changed the soundtrack, due to legal reasons. According to what I've read, this changed the overall feel of the film, depriving the viewer of the true HBTM experience. Regardless of what soundtrack was used, I absolutely love this film. It was odd seeing Melissa Sue Gilbert (Little House On The Prairie) in a horror film, not to mention Tracy Bregman (The Young & The Restless). The kills in this film were indeed gruesome and somewhat inventive. After watching HBTM, I noticed that the film Pet Sematery 2 had lifted a kill-method used in the film, so I suppose HBTM has indeed been an inspiration to some. The ending is a tad bit unbelievable, but like I always say "A good film is not necessarily about being believable, it's simply about being entertaining." That's what HBTM is, it is simply entertaining. I rate this film 4 out of 5 stars, as far as 80's films go, it's one of the best.

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