The Ruins

The Ruins is an edge of your seat horror-thriller about four young Americans on vacation. They meet a man whom is looking for his brother, an archeologist, and they take a trip with him to some ancient ruins, where his brother is supposed to be. The horrors that they encounter during their visit to the ruins will be unlike anything they have ever encountered before.

This film completely draws you in, you really connect with the characters and in the end you just want their suffering to end. It didn't focus so much on the inside of the ruins as I expected, the characters spend most of the film outside the ruins. Had I written this film, I think that I would have taken the audience on a trip inside the ruins, giving them a bigger dose of the evil that makes the ruins so horrific. Maybe the characters, in their desperate attempt to escape the locals that won't allow them to leave, would have traveled inside the ruins in search of another way out.

I rate this film 4 out of 5 stars, it keeps your attention, you connect with the characters, you feel their pain, and you feel sorry for them. This film is one big thrill ride, with blood and gore, if you have a weak stomach this film may unsettle it a bit.

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