Tamara is the most unpopular girl at her school. She is a quiet loner who keeps to herself, lives in her creative imagination and is the constant butt of jokes. When a practical joke played on Tamara goes terribly wrong and takes her life, she comes back from the grave to exact her revenge on the people responsible.

I know all too well what it was like to be unpopular in high school. I was also quiet and kept to myself for many years, before finally getting up the courage to be myself. Many of us have lived in the shoes of Tamara and would have loved to have taken revenge, maybe not as drastic but still some degree of revenge, against the people that made our lives so hectic. Watching it brought me back to Hell-High and for a while I was cheering for Tamara to exact her revenge. However, later you soon realize that revenge is not the answer and that Tamara is going too far. I liked this movie and followed it up until it's DVD release, in fact I bought it the day it came out and while it isn't my absolute favorite film, I did enjoy it. I rate it 3 out of 5 stars, mainly because I didn't like the ending. But how else was a movie like this supposed to end?

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